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Emotions speak louder than words, you can nurture the deep connection within you with IFS Therapy.

What is IFS?

IFS (Internal Family Systems) is an effective therapy which provides unique tools for dealing with internal conflicts, persistent self-limiting or harmful behavior, relationship or attachment issues, and other sources of distress. It can be utilized in individual or family therapy sessions.

Why is IFS unique?

This approach helps examine the different “parts” of our personality in a nonjudgmental way. Using this model helps us understand how each part creates challenges for us in behavior and decision making and what are the positive intentions for each “part’s” role. This leads to better relationships, greater self-confidence, and increased clarity.

Schedule a call with me to find out if IFS therapy can be beneficial to you or if you are interested in an introduction to IFS training. For more information about the IFS model visit: https://selfleadership.org.