My Approach

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Holistic Psychotherapy In New Jersey

Nurture Your Strength, Build Resilience, & Embrace Empowerment.

I work from an integrative perspective to carefully tailor the therapy to you specific needs. While I draw from a number of evident based therapies, the two primary modalities I use in my practice are the Internal Family Systems model (IFS) and the Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFT).  Both of these models are highly impactful and gentle, focusing on the internal as well as external attachments in our lives.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Helping you to make sense of your emotions, how to deal with them, and relate to others in meaningful and positive ways.

Internal Family Systems

This approach helps you examine the different “parts” of your personality in a nonjudgmental way and helps you develop increased self-confidence. 

Practice Values


My practice is HIPAA compliant and I am extremely careful about client confidentiality.


I will always be honest when it comes to sharing feedback with you.


I continuously develop my therapy skills through trainings and consultation to optimize support to you and look to you for collaboration to make your therapy most effective.

Virtual Sessions Are Available. In-Person Office Location In Clifton, NJ.