Therapy for Teens

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Your Best Therapist For Teens In Clifton, New Jersey. 

Help Your Teen Embrace Her Authenticity & Thrive!

Teen years are crucial phases of development in the life of growing, transitioning young adults as they go through identity struggles. With teen counselling, I create a safe space for teens to understand what’s happening now in their lives and prepare them for what’s next. 

Most teens have a hard time with their unique life stressors, and I enable them to express their feelings and learn coping skills without external pressures. I help teens face their fears, reduce stress, and communicate effectively despite changes at home, work, or school, in their private or social lives. 

With Teen Therapy, your teen can embrace every part of herself.  She can heal and become the best version of herself. Your teen can benefit from professional and consistent guidance, as she sorts through life stressors and finds practical solutions to these challenges.

Is Teen Therapy Facilitated Within Family Or Individual Sessions?

While individual therapy serves as a crucial avenue for addressing the diverse challenges teenagers face, I also recognize the importance of family dynamics. In my practice, I integrate family therapy selectively, considering its clinical indication or potential benefits for the teenagers dealing with confusion and family challenges. This approach allows for open communication within the family, providing a supportive environment where teens can feel heard and understood without judgment. 

As a teen therapist, my goal is to assist in identifying who they are, enabling them to make informed choices, fostering effective communication and issue resolution, whether through individual or family therapy as clinically indicated.

Why Is Teen Therapy Important?

Teenagers often struggle with diverse issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, body image and eating disorders, perfectionism, building friendships, peer pressure, substance abuse, performance anxiety, and other behavioral challenges. These challenges in the life of teens impact their emotional well-being requiring understanding and support. 

Addressing teen grief, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and sexual identity issues can be particularly challenging. As a teen therapist, I've worked with countless teenagers, and I understand their challenges. In teen counseling, I assist in identifying who they are, enabling them to make informed choices, balancing the opinions of different people in their lives, empowering effective communication and issue resolution.

If your teen is struggling right now and could benefit from therapy, reach out.

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